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Portrait of The Littlest Hobo

Hobo is an ultra-lightweight blog engine written in Python. It has two dependencies, fully integrated into the codebase with no additional downloads: and markdown2. Because of this fact, it is extremely customizable and can be extended to incorporate all kinds of scripts designed for the very popular web framework.


Hobo is based on the wonderful software designed by Alexis Sellier named toto, written in Ruby. Additionally, special thanks goes to clownfart for his amazing work on markdown.css which was used as a framework for the primary css-theme.

The name Hobo is the name of the canine protagonist from The Littlest Hobo.

The code is designed to be deployed on Heroku and is powered by git. Give it a try and see it in action!

    $ git clone personal-blog
    $ cd personal-blog
    $ heroku create --stack cedar personal-blog
    $ git push heroku master


Copyright (c) 2012 Andrew Nelder. Licensed under the MIT License.